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  • How we are managing with COVID-19

    I’m going to say this because I need to hear this:
    Selling assets, drowning into debt, bankruptcy. This week Kyle and I discussed each of these situations seriously.
    This is the first time we’ve ever talked about these as possibilities.
    But here’s what I’m going to say: for some people, these aren’t conversations. This is reality. For others these are happening right now on top of family loss, and illness.
    When this epidemic hit it was clear it was going to devastate businesses, families, communities, health, security, sanity and hope. Now more than ever we need to be there for each other.
    I too, got wrapped up into how this will affect ME, MY family, MY business, MY security. I felt scared and angry that I didn’t have the help or support I assumed others had. Even though I was melting down to my partner who loves me? How ridiculous.
    Like everyone, I fell into survival mode. But I am typing this on a computer right now. I have a roof over me while I do so, I have an inbox full of messages from people who care— (and I have at least 3 rolls of bathroom tissue!) Yes things are uncertain. But I have my health. I have a partner who kissed me this morning. You, or someone you know, might not.
    I’m going to be pivoting things a little and really focusing on how I can help bring a little kindness to each day.

    Here's a list we came up with to help keep us on track and positive during this uncertain time:

    1. Stay safe, wash your hands 
      (I was surprised at how long 20 seconds really is!)
    2. Reach out to family and friends, offer to order groceries online for anyone elderly in your family. Make sure you contact anyone who is isolated or alone.
    3. Be in the know, but be mindful of your media intake. Remember: it's good to be cautious, but nothing spreads faster than fear.
    4. Support local businesses that will be affected. This can be as simple as leaving a 5 star review for your favourite neighbourhood restaurant. Every little bit counts, truly.
      PS did you know we are registered on Google now? :) 
    5. Be kind. When times are challenging, little acts of kindness go a long way.
    If you haven’t already, you can join our mailing list. I’m going to be sending little love notes to those who need it. No one knows how this is affecting every person but I’ve realized the best thing I can do is assume my neighbours need extra support and love.
    We will get through this, I’m sending lots of love to you right now, wherever you are—

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