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  • Kindness Mission

    I love jewellery. I am driven by creating with my hands and designing. It truly makes my heart "pitter-patter".
    But-- there is one more driving force behind my brand: a Kindness Mission.
    Yes, it is as sappy as it sounds. I believe that simple acts of kindness create a ripple effect that can ultimately change the world. I asked 5 women in my community to retell stories of either the kindest act they have recently witnessed, or done themselves.
    My favourite thing about kindness is how contagious it is. I guarantee this will make you smile:
  • Tips For Mixing Metals: 3 Pro Stylist Tricks

    Wearing more than one metal tone at a time is a great way to add sophistication to your layers. The hardest part about achieving this look is creating a palate that looks intentional.

    Here are our top 3 stylist tips to getting the right mix!


    Start with one metal tone that you are going to wear the most of. Mixing metals is easiest if you start with one palate and then strategically add new metals as highlights.

    Once you have decided which metal you are going to wear the most of, you can start adorning! Keep your look cohesive by sticking to your base tone for pieces that are worn alone, such as earrings, or cocktail rings.

    Add other metals where you have the ability to layer, such as necklaces, bracelets, or ring stacks. Again, the main trick when mixing metals is for the layers to look intentional.

    If you are new to metal mixing, focus on placement.
    Keep a 2:1 ratio in mind. For instance, if you are wearing two layering necklaces in gold, try adding a rose gold chain in between. By "enclosing" your new metal you create a frame and makes this new tone look as though it is part of the set.

    The same can be done with bracelets. Two gold bangles are a perfect base for adding a new tone. Layer a rose gold chain bracelet in between, and your look will instantly be elevated.

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