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  • LAYERING 101: 3 Simple Steps to Creating the Perfect Layered Look

    Layering is one of the most effective ways to express your personal style and show off your favourite treasures;
    but it can be intimidating to know where to start.

    I think the best way to approach it is not to overthink it too much, and follow a few simple steps:

    STEP #1
    Start with the shortest necklace first. Choose a classic, or minimal piece at the base of the neck.  Keep in mind that layers should make up one cohesive look instead of competing with too many details. A simple piece like the Coin Necklace adds light and texture without becoming too "fussy".

    STEP #2
    If you're layering 3 necklaces together, you can get a little more playful with your second choice, as this will be the feature design. The "frame" created by the top and bottom necklaces often draw eyes to the centre-- so make it worth their while!

    STEP #3
    Your final choice in your 3-layer look! I like to add something at the end that creates a "V" finish to the entire ensemble. Pieces with pendants, or lariat styles like this Flourish design create a flattering shape which elongates the neck (yes please!)

    Before putting on chain necklaces, run your fingers along the chain with the clasp undone, to remove any twists in the links. This will help keep your necklaces from tangling!

    I hope this guide gave you the boost you needed to tackle layering!

    The most important thing is that your jewellery makes you feel special and confident.

    Style tips are great for a little guidance but you are the only one with your unique style so remember to wear what you love; even if it means breaking a few fashion rules along the way:)

    -Leah xo

  • What is Gold Fill?

    Here's the technical description:
    Gold Fill is a thick layer of gold bonded to a brass core. Gold Fill uses a weight-based requirement of 5% solid gold of the item's total weight.
    So, what does this really mean?
    Due to the bonding method of pressure and heat, and the amount of solid gold used, this amazing metal can withstand hammering, texturizing, and forming. We consider this metal to be the best alternative to solid gold; due to its price and durability.
    Gold Plate is a thin layer of gold that is plated over a base or semi-precious metal. It is often a more cost effective choice, as it does not require the same amount of gold as Gold Filled items. Plating varies in quality and thickness and isn't always ideal for some designs as it tends to wear off in high-friction areas.
    Consider the amount of friction your piece of jewellery will undergo. Ring bands, the underside of bangles, and the backs of necklace chains get the most wear as they are constantly rubbing against the skin.
    When possible, choose Gold Fill for these styles.
    Plated jewellery is ideal for pieces that you don't plan on wearing everyday, or that aren't sitting directly on the skin. Styles such as cocktail rings or statement earrings are great choices in Gold Plate as they don't get as much wear and they will be a more cost effective choice. (If you are allergic to base metals, a high quality plating such as Vermeil; gold plated over Sterling Silver, is a great alternative to solid gold.)
    Both metals may naturally darken over time.
    Gold Fill can be easily re-polished with a polishing cloth or a mild soap and soft toothbrush. Gold Plate may be gently cleaned as well, but with regular polishing the base metal may begin to wear through.
    Both of these metals should be carefully cared for and stored properly when not being worn to extend their lifetime. You can read our full care instructions here.
    Keeping this knowledge in mind when purchasing your jewellery will help you choose your pieces with the right expectations.
    PRO TIP: You can mix and match! If you have a plated pendant that you love but the necklace chain has worn through, add it to a Gold Filled chain to get more life out of your loved piece.