• 3 Questions to ask yourself before purchasing your next piece of jewellery:



    Never before have customers valued company transparency more. As consumers we know the business practices behind our purchases are important, and speak for us. Are the pieces made locally? What's the process like? What's the brand story? What's a typical day in the production studio like?

    Look for terms such as "manufactured in Canada", "Canadian Made" instead of "designed in Canada". There are lots of fabulous brands that have their products imported, but make sure this is clear when you buy something. You never want to feel misled.

    We love connecting with designers beyond just the products, and usually there's an incredible story behind the scenes!

    Bonus: look for studio photos, it adds value to envision where your new treasures are being created!

    This is a great question to ask yourself! I think we can agree that we have all done this: found a new top (or bag, dress, necklace, etc.) brought it home, only to discover we already own something very similar, if not identical!

    Since we all have an individual style, we are often drawn to what we know we like, look good in, or items that are familiar. Stop and take a quick mental inventory-- if something you already own and love needs to be replaced, that's a perfect time to upgrade or add a new version of a favourite item. Remember: quality over quantity.

    Here's a tip: Choosing complimentary pieces is a great strategy to adding to your collection without too many repeats! When you ask: "does this compliment what I already have?" you start to build a jewellery collection that has depth and versatility, instead of a jewellery box full of the exact same item.

    Pieces that can always be stacked are bangles (which we truly believe you can never have too many of!)

    IS THIS "OCCASION SPECIFIC"? When I was growing up, money was a concern. No new purchases were ever bought without a lot of consideration. I remember having birthday money to spend and my parents would ask "How many times are you actually going to wear/use/enjoy this?"

    At the time, it took the joy out of the purchase because once I realized I would probably only wear the crinoline dress 4 times a year, it didn't seem worth it.

    Now I have eased up on this, and I can see the value in enjoying something special (even if it is only a few times a year), but the lesson has stuck with me.

    Often when we are jewellery shopping, we have a specific event in mind (wedding, graduation, anniversary, etc.) So doing a quick check will help you add pieces that you can enjoy more than once. 

    We are firm believers in having a few statement pieces in your jewellery box, but even when choosing bolder pieces think about colour, size, style and other ways they could be worn.

    Remember: Have fun! Jewellery is a chance to play dress up. I am a huge fan of fashion juxtapositions e.g. ripped jeans paired with my fanciest jewellery is a favourite look of mine.