• Jewellery Essentials: 5 classic staples every jewellery enthusiast should have!


    An 18” chain with a pendant is one of the most universally flattering necklace styles.

    Here's why:

    The “V” shape elongates the neck, and creates a slimming effect. This style also allows for easy layering. A shorter necklace, such as a 16" or even a choker sits nicely above an 18" chain. (Do you know how to measure for your necklace length? We've created a guide here.)

    PRO STYLIST TIP: When possible, choose designs that have an extender. the ability to adjust a chain by even one inch helps to tailor your necklace to compliment your shape and wardrobe.



    Hoop earrings are one of the most classic styles. A medium size hoop is always fashionable! Try to find thinner styles, since finer jewellery is more classic.

    How do I choose: gold, silver or rose gold?

    Choose the metal tone that compliments your skin the best. Earrings highlight your facial complexion, so choosing which tone is complimentary to you is a better rule than choosing what might be most fashionable at the time.

    PRO STYLIST TIP: Opt for hoops with stud backings. This simple detail will help keep them secure when worn!



    Bangles are a timeless choice. They can be stacked for a playful look, or worn alone to add sophistication to an everyday outfit. Collecting bangles from different eras will give you a wide variety of stacking options.

    PRO STYLIST TIP: Try layering bangles in different widths, textures, and metal tones to create a multi dimensional look.



    Statement jewellery isn't necessarily BIG, it is the piece of jewellery that has impact. It could be a bib necklace that feels like a piece of armour to you, or earrings with a pop of colour that brightens your day.

    Statement jewellery is jewellery that creates an emotional experience when wearing it.

    PRO STYLIST TIP: Choose pieces that feel bold-- but are still classic in their colour, or style. Tassel earrings are a great example: a monochromatic colour-way with the added movement of the chain creates a whimsical but impactful style! Statement jewellery should be playful, but still pieces you could wear everyday.



    Like bangles, thin stacking rings are classic staples that can be combines with other jewellery trends. Stacking rings can be worn spread out to create a dainty look, stacked together, or even stacked around a thicker band to create more drama.

    What about sizing?

    When possible; opt for adjustable band sets, which allow you to wear the same ring on your index finger or thumb.

    PRO STYLIST TIP: Invest in Gold Filled, Rose Gold Filled, or Sterling Silver rings to ensure your bands don't loose their colour too soon. (learn the difference between Gold Fill and Gold Plating here.)