Glamour Ring - Rose Gold
  • Glamour Ring - Rose Gold
  • Glamour Ring - Rose Gold
  • Glamour Ring - Rose Gold
  • Glamour Ring - Rose Gold
  • Glamour Ring - Rose Gold

Glamour Ring - Rose Gold


This Glamour Ring brings a unique whimsy to the collection!

The dangling chain adds movement and sparkle; plus the unique ability to adjust the band and customize the fit! 

It can be worn alone, or paired with your favourite stacking bands. This versatile design is handmade with Rose Gold Fill (and love) in our Vancouver studio.

Two adjustable sizes are available:

Size 5/6 measures at size 5, and can be gently opened up to fit a size 6.

Size 7/8 measures at size 7, and can be gently opened up to fit size 8.

What is Rose Gold Fill?
Rose gold is a gold and copper alloy. Rose Gold Fill is a thick layer of Rose Gold bonded to a brass core. It is different than Rose Gold plate, which is a thin layer of Rose Gold that is plated over a base metal. Plating varies in quality and thickness and isn't always ideal for some designs as it tends to wear off in high-friction areas.
Rose Gold Fill uses a weight-based requirement: to meet this, it must contain 5% solid Rose Gold of the item's total weight. Due to the bonding method of pressure and heat, this amazing metal can withstand hammering, texturizing, and forming. Though it can naturally darken over time, it can be easily re-polished and with proper care, Rose Gold Fill can be considered a long-term metal. Because of its cost and durability, Rose Gold Fill is the next best option to solid Rose Gold.

Will my ring band change colour?
With proper care, your ring should not leave any markings on your skin, and the Rose Gold should not wear through. (Please note: in rare cases an individual's skin PH can quicken the tarnishing process or wear the Rose Gold down, this is quite uncommon)  Please see below on how to properly care for your jewels.

How do I care for my ring and can it be cleaned?
Your Glamour Ring can be easily cleaned.  When not being worn, keep your jewellery in an airtight bag or container.  This will help prevent early tarnishing.  If tarnishing does occur, you may use a polishing cloth on the metal, or a mild soap with warm water and a soft toothbrush.  Our complete care instructions can be found here:


Can I bend the metal without it breaking?
The Glamour Ring is adjustable.  You can gently open and close the ring by holding both sides and carefully pulling them away from each other, or pushing back closer to reduce the size.  Rose Gold Fill is a very durable metal and can withstand gentle adjustments.

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