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Acts of Kindness Matter in ALL Sizes

Acts of Kindness Matter in ALL Sizes

We’ve been adding some extra gifts and heartfelt notes to packages going out the door recently.

Wanna know why?

Because I think we can all agree on this: We’re learning to appreciate the little things again.

A surprise gift that completely turns someone’s day around.

Getting a smile from a stranger 6ft away.

Being able to hug the person or people you are living with.

Hearing a friends voice.

Getting mail to your door.

Knowing you are loved.

Having food in the fridge.

Most of the things that stand out were there all along. We can’t tune out all the fear, anxiety, loss, and uncertainty of this time— but we can choose to tune IN to what’s around us.

We can each make choices throughout the day to add something good in the world, or notice the good that’s already there.

If you can help, help.

If you can give, give.

If you can smile, smile.

If you can be more patient, be gentle.

If you can be strong, be supportive.

It only takes ONE act of kindness to start the spread. Do what you can, with what you have, and where you are at. Kindness matters in any size, and I guarantee the smallest act is not unnoticed.

I am sending love to you, and if you can, make sure you send some to someone else today.

-Leah xo

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