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Jewellery Care

Our Top 3 Jewellery Care Tips to Keep Your Jewellery Looking It's Best!

Each Leah Yard Designs item is made using semi-precious materials. Please enjoy your jewels with delicate care! 

TIP #1:
Avoid contact with lotions, sprays, oils and perfumes

(Helpful Habit: Jewellery should always be the last thing to put on when dressing, to ensure any products applied have been absorbed into the skin)

TIP #2:
Do not wear your jewels in water
(e.g. shower, swimming, sauna, hot tub) or while exercising  
The moisture in the air is what starts the tarnishing process.  Keeping your jewellery dry is one of the best ways to help keep its shine and sparkle. If tarnishing does occur, metals may be cleaned with a jewellery polishing cloth or a gentle toothbrush with mild soap and warm water. After cleaning, use a dry cloth to remove any extra moisture before re-storing your jewellery.  To help prevent early tarnishing, items should be stored in an airtight bag.

TIP #3:
To prevent your chain necklaces from becoming tangled, simply run your fingers along the chain (with the clasp undone) from the middle out to the ends.
This trick helps any twists to be straightened out and is a great habit to get into before storing your favourite pieces so they are ready for you next time!