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A love of classic glamour and TRANSFORMATION is at the core of Leah Yard Designs. Removable charms, multi-way necklaces, and adjustable lengths are found throughout the collection. The filigree style has become a signature element. The curvature of the frames adds a timeless touch to each piece.


"I had an unusual upbringing. My family lived on isolated lighthouse islands for 4 years of my childhood. When we moved back to a regular town, I struggled to fit in. I was the weird island kid with uncut hair who didn't know who the Spice Girls were or how to cross a street!

I always found comfort in being creative, and fashion played an important role for me. Even at a young age I saw the power it had to transform how you feel. This is the core of LYD. I design versatile jewellery that celebrates the wearer's unique point of view. My goal is to make you feel your most elevated when you put on your LYD jewellery."

Leah Yard Owner/Designer

With over 10 years of experience, Leah continues to run her business out of her studio in Vancouver, BC. Read more about the designer here.


Nestled in Vancouver's historic Chinatown, the LYD studio is where you can find us dreaming up our next collection. It all starts with a creative spark...

We love opening our doors to you. Book a visit to shop our latest collection in-person. 

Online orders are filled and shipped from Vancouver within 1-3 business days. The jewellery is packaged in a custom box with care instructions. Our care cards are beautifully designed and meant to be kept in your jewellery box for future reference.

We do our best to reduce waste by using one box for multiple items, but if you require extra boxes or gift wrapping, please let us know as we are more than happy to accommodate!


Each piece of jewellery is designed from start to finish in Vancouver. The complete collection is made in Canada, India, and The United States. We are proud to work with RJC Certified production partners that are aligned with the LYD company ethics and vision.

At our Vancouver Studio we use a variety of techniques including metal forming, hammering, drilling and wire wrapping. All components are checked for quality before being assembled by hand.

Many of our items are made to order. Size and clarity of the gemstones may vary, as we work with (and adore) semi-precious materials.

Each piece is carefully checked for quality before shipping from our Vancouver studio.



14 KARAT GOLD FILL: Gold Fill is a thick layer of gold bonded to a brass core. 
The requirement of Gold-Fill is weight-based and states that a piece must contain 5% solid gold of the item's total weight. Due to the bonding method of pressure and heat, this amazing metal can withstand hammering, texturizing, and forming.

Though it can naturally darken over time, it can be easily re-polished and with proper care, Gold-Fill can be considered a long-term metal. Due to its cost and durability, Gold Fill is the next best option to solid gold!

ROSE GOLD FILL: Rose gold is a gold and copper alloy. Rose Gold Fill is a thick layer of Rose Gold bonded to a brass core.
Like 14 Karat Gold Fill, Rose Gold Fill uses a weight-based requirement: to meet this, it must contain 5% solid Rose Gold of the item's total weight.

STERLING SILVER: Also known as 925 Silver, is Silver which is 92.5% purity.  

VERMEIL: Vermeil is a Sterling Silver core, which has been guided with Gold. Our plated items have a Sterling Silver base, with a thick 14 Karat Gold plating overtop.

GOLD PLATING: Our gold plating is 14 karat yellow gold plated over brass

*Please note: Our logo tags are a mixture of Sterling Silver and Gold Plated Brass