Born in Calgary, Alberta; but not raised anywhere specific.

With adventurous parents, Leah lived a variety of lifestyles as a child; including a series of lighthouse islands.

Experiencing a life where food, mail, and supplies arrive by helicopter once a month unknowingly shaped her ability to work with her hands, be creative, and visualize a finished product with limited materials.

Leah considers learning the value of self-sufficiency as the greatest gift.

"I started designing jewellery long before I had the supplies!  Once we moved to a small BC town, I met a local artist who would trade lessons and materials for help at her mall kiosk.  I remember the excitement of having new materials available, but I never lost that "outside the box" way of designing. 

I really believe that having little to work with pushes your creativity.  I would remake designs over and over with the same supplies until I found the best version of what I had"

This ambition paired with a love of classic glamour is the core of Leah Yard Designs.  The filigree style throughout the collection has become a signature element.  The curvature of the frames adds a vintage touch to each piece.

"Jewellery is so whimsical, it has always been my favourite accessory to play dress-up with!  I want to create pieces that easily mix and match.  My hope is to make jewellery that is glamorous but still celebrates the wearer's unique style and playfulness!"

Now with over 10 years of experience, Leah continues to run her business out of her studio in Vancouver, BC.


Each piece is handmade to order.  Size and clarity of the gemstones may vary, as we work with (and adore) semi-precious materials.  We do our best to clearly showcase our items with photos and detailed descriptions to ensure customer satisfaction.  If you have any questions about an item please let us know; we love to talk about jewellery!

Items are packaged in a custom gift box with a personalized note and care instructions.  We do our best to reduce waste by using one box for multiple items, but if you require extra boxes or gift wrapping, please let us know as we are more than happy to accommodate!

Orders are ready to ship within 1-3 Business Days and are sent via Canada Post.

Standard/Basic Shipping:
Canada- 5-10 Business Days
USA- 7-10 Business Days 
Other International- 2-4 Weeks

Xpresspost (Available upon request):
Canada- 1-4 Business Days
USA- 3-5 Business Days
Other International- 4-12 Business Days

Please note:
*The above delivery times are estimates and may vary depending on border delays. We do our best to provide clear and appropriate shipping labels and/or documentation to ensure orders arrive as quickly as possible.  

*International orders may be subject to additional customs fees that will be the responsibility of the buyer. 


The metal in our jewellery is sourced from Canada and the US.  The Gemstones are found around the globe, mostly from India; know to many as the Gemstone Capital of the World.  

Each piece of jewellery is 100% Canadian Handmade in our studio from the above imported materials.

The metals we use are:

14 Karat Gold Fill: Gold Fill is a thick layer of gold bonded to a brass core.  The requirement of Gold-Fill is that it has 5% gold of the item's total weight.  Due to the bonding method of pressure and heat, this amazing metal can withstand hammering, texturizing, and forming.  Though it does naturally darken over time, with proper care, Gold-Fill can be considered a life-time metal.

Rose Gold: Rose gold is a gold and copper alloy.  A small amount of copper is mixed with the gold to create a pink tone.

Sterling Silver: Silver which is 92.5% purity  

Vermeil: Vermeil is a Sterling Silver core, which has been guided with Gold.

*Please note: Our logo tags are a mixture of Sterling Silver and Gold Plated Brass

Care Instructions: Each item is handmade using semi-precious materials.  Please enjoy your jewels with delicate care! 

* Avoid contact with lotions, sprays, oils and perfumes (Tip: Jewellery should always be the last thing to put on when dressing)
* Do not wear in water (e.g. shower, swimming, sauna, hot tub) or while exercising
* If tarnishing occurs, metals may be cleaned with a jewellery polishing cloth
* To help prevent early tarnishing, items should be stored in an airtight bag.


"Being dedicated to the detail and care of both the products and service is what makes being a designer truly rewarding! I am always open to questions about my work to help clarify any item details to ensure each customer buys with confidence. My passion is to only make jewellery that is truly loved!" -Leah

If you are not happy with your purchase please contact us within 7 days of receiving the item(s).

Unworn items (excluding sale and custom orders) may be returned/exchanged within 10 business days of the purchase date (Please note this means item(s) must be in the mail within this time).  

Full refunds are offered minus the original shipping for jewellery that is returned in its original condition and packaging. Though insurance and tracking is recommended when mailing the item(s) back, this is the buyer's choice as the return shipping costs will be their responsibility.

Did we miss something?  Send us an email with any questions you have!