Ring Sizing Guide

Finding your ring size: 3 Simple Steps

This at-home ring sizing guide is a tool to help you get the perfect fit!



  • Scissors / paper or tape
  • Fine tipped marker
  • Ruler
  • Sizing guide (download above)

STEP #1:

Use your scissors to cut a thin strip of paper. Wrap it around your finger like a ring band. Make sure you measure where the ring will sit as well as around your knuckle. Your band size will be determined on the base of your finger, but you want to make sure your ring will be able to comfortably slide over the knuckle without too much resistance.

STEP #2:

With a pen, mark where the ends of the paper or tape match. If you're using paper, make sure to keep it snug while you make your measurement mark (you may want to ask for a helping hand with this step!)

STEP #3:

Stretch out the paper or tape on a ruler, write down the measurement (in millimetres) Then compare your number to the chart in the guide!