About Leah


My name is Leah, I am a jewellery designer in Vancouver and the owner behind Leah Yard Designs (est. 2013).

I have over 10 years of jewellery making experience (also known as: 13+ years of trial and error). Though I was born in Calgary, most of my life has been spent living in BC, including a series of lighthouse islands from age 5-9.

It was this unique experience that unknowingly developed my ability to imagine, and create with my hands. In fact, I like to think my career started on an isolated island where food and supplies were brought by helicopter once a month.


I have two older brothers. I have been on more helicopters than planes. My favourite colour is fuchsia, my two favourite deserts are strawberries with vanilla ice cream and rice krispie squares. I love Christmas time, my highest level of education on paper is a GED paired with a hospitality certificate, and when I was a child I was pretty sure I was going to grow up to be either a broadway star or Alannah Myles.

I am scared of the dark, the dentist, highly organized insects like ants, and ones that bite; like mosquitos. I am very resistant to change so I don't always deal well with surprises, and I am extremely competitive.

My ideal date night is at home with Kyle (my incredible partner of 10+ years) listening to music with drinks and snacks.

MY DAYDREAM (and more, if you are still reading this):

My biggest life dream is that one day Kyle and I will have a 2 bedroom loft-style apartment that has big windows, a good corner for a Christmas tree, one long table in the centre where we can host dinners and LYD events, a fluffy baby (a rescue dog or 3), a comfy couch for date night, and a closet full of locally made clothes. I dream of being a published author, and impacting the small part of the world I am in with my mission (see below).

MY MISSION (for those who are still on this page):

I love designing and making jewellery that people can wear and enjoy for years. Creating is in my soul, and it was following this passion that allowed me to connect with people who share the same taste and love for handmade art. But my goal isn't to get as much jewellery on as many people as I can. My mission is to create a space in the world that aligns with one belief:

Even the smallest acts of kindness change the world.

I 100% believe this, and I am not the kindest person in the world (no such thing). We can't be kind all the time. And even though I am competitive, there isn't a "kindest" badge to be won.

But what we do have, is the ability to be kind-- when we can, with how we feel, and with where we are at.

We've all done unkind things: been annoyed with how slow someone is walking or driving in front of us and gone out of our way to let them know how it made us feel, been short with a telemarketer, didn't hold the elevator, served ourselves first, snapped at our spouse (sorry Kyle), gossiped, etc.

When we are feeling our best, we have the ability to make other people feel great. It wasn't until I followed my passion that I realized that the better version of ourselves can impact the world in huge and positive ways.

I am affected by witnessing acts of kindness in the world, especially the small ones. We have all seen someone receive a nice text message that made them smile, or a door being held open-- by someone who was in a rush, or heard about a generous donation made to a cause we support.

For me, it's the emails I get after someone reads this-- letting me know they can relate. We all own a little bit of internet real estate. I feel that I have a responsibility to create a space in it that is welcoming for those who stop by, and that they can leave this site with more than they came in with.


So this is who is behind Leah Yard Designs. It's probably not as glamorous as you might have hoped, but I have no interest in creating an "About The Designer" page with edgy styling that makes you feel less than, or makes me look elite. That wouldn't be kind or accurate.

Thank-you for spending your time here. I wish you smiles from strangers and doors being held open today!

-Leah xo