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How to do a Jewellery Box Audit

How to do a Jewellery Box Audit
An area that often gets overlooked during spring cleaning is our jewellery box. We design with intention and getting the most out of your existing jewellery collection is a core value at LYD.

five tips: how to do a Jewellery Box Audit:

  1. Take inventory: going through your jewellery box helps keep your current collection top of mind when you are out shopping. We are often drawn to what is familiar, but you don't want to be adding duplicates. Instead, look for supporting pieces that compliment your favourites. When you see something you love, ask yourself: Do I have something that serves the same purpose? 

  2. Pass it on: We've all kept clothes for too long, knowing they no longer fit. Are you hanging on to jewellery that no longer serves you? Repair, recycle, or pass down anything that doesn't make you feel good. Your jewellery box should be a place of joy and playfulness. If there are pieces you can't get rid of, but they don't evoke a positive emotion, put them into storage. Keep your jewellery box clear of negativity.  

  3. Repurposing: Oftentimes a vintage piece just needs a refresh to turn it into a current favourite. Try adding an extender to an heirloom choker, or attaching a charm to your grandmother's chain to rejuvenate a sentimental piece.

  4. Clean it up: Are there hidden gems in your jewellery box? A simple re-polish can breathe new life to an older piece. Go through your jewellery box and clean up pieces that may have been forgotten. Moving forward, follow these simple care tips to help keep your favourites looking their best.

  5. Think OUTSIDE the box: Have you ever gotten rid of something in your closet, only to regret it after seeing the same piece styled in a new way? Sometimes a different perspective or fresh eyes is all it takes to see new styling possibilities. Go through your jewellery box with a friend, or find inspiration on Pinterest to broaden your style palate. 


Remember, your jewellery should celebrate your personal style and make you feel special. Taking care of your favourites and visiting your collection often ensures you are enjoying the investments you've made.

Written by Leah Yard

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