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What your sign says about you: The Zodiac Collection

What your sign says about you: The Zodiac Collection

 Curious and creative? Are you able to talk your way out of anything? Do people often wonder how you "do it all"?

See what your star sign says about you:


CAPRICORNDecember 22 – January 19

You. Take. Action. If you want something, you don't waste any time making excuses. You inspire other to go after their goals. You're ambitious and focused. Most people don't know how you do it all.

AQUARIUSJanuary 20 – February 18

A humanitarian at heart, you want the best for everyone. Your big ideas always involve helping someone else. You don't let negativity discourage you and when things are tough you remain curious and creative. You never stay down for long.

PISCESFebruary 19 – March 20

Spiritual and open to new possibilities. You connect deeply with others and enjoy conversations that provoke thought and self-reflection. 

ARIESMarch 21 – April 19

A born leader. You love making things happen, and rallying support to get it done. Passionate and driven, you're often ahead of the pack.

TAURUSApril 20 – May 20

A visionary. You can see the life of your dreams and manifest it into reality. You're in it for the long haul because you know it's worth it. You appreciate the good life and a little extravagance now and then, but you're grounded and don't take anything for granted. 

GEMINIMay 21 – June 20

Thanks to your endless curiosity and quest for answers, you're highly intelligent. You're seeking knowledge and excited to learn more. You're the perfect dinner party guest, as you make others feel seen with your thoughtful insights.

CANCER /June 21 – July 22

Loyal and protective. Your intuition and drive are what bring success to your life. You are in touch with your emotions and often make big decisions based on a "gut feeling".  Family means everything and you are always working hard to be your best for those who look up to you.

LEOJuly 23 – August 22

The queen of the jungle. You're wildly passionate, which can get you in trouble if you don't think things through fully. You're a dependable friend and often the one that gives the best pep talk. Your creativity seems endless, which makes you hard to say no to. You're playful, strong and resilient.

VIRGOAugust 23 – September 22

Methodical and persistent. You take pride in running your life with excellence and efficiency. At times you are underestimated, which works in your favour.

LIBRASeptember 23 – October 22

Cool, calm, and collected. You are highly intelligent and able to control your reactions in stressful situations. You value fairness and equality. With a logical approach to life, you never let your ego get in the way of making good decisions.

SCORPIOOctober 23 – November 22

An "all or nothing" type. You you have ability to get so laser focused on a project you completely lose track of time. Your values include: honesty, hard-work, and passion. You are often misunderstood and your emotions can get the best of you. But, this fire is what makes your life exciting and filled with meaningful relationships. 

SAGITTARIUSNovember 23 – December 21

You want the truth, and a second opinion. You are resourceful and creative. You have a fiery side, which is often triggered when someone is dishonest. You are a great friend and partner.


It's time to celebrate what makes you; uniquely you.

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