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Style Guide

 "Texture is often overlooked as a style element. Using texture to create layers and contrast is one of the most effective ways to create a sophisticated look."
From Leah Yard Designs Style Guide - Style Focus: Texture 


THE BASICSLearn how to care for and store your jewellery so it can stay looking its best!  Your jewellery is sentimental and special, creating a few care habits will help you enjoy your favourite treasures for years.

STYLE FOCUS: COLOUR - This section is all about wearing colour with confidence!  It doesn't have to be overpowering to have an impact, use your love of colour to express your personal style.

STYLE FOCUS: LAYERS - This is one of the most intimidating style elements.  Learn what suits your body type, wardrobe, and lifestyle. There is no need to invest in several long chains if you don't have the appropriate "clothing palate", or you are uncomfortable.

STYLE FOCUS: TEXTURE - This is definitely the most overlooked style component and yet it is so powerful!  Texture can be one of the most sophisticated ways to layer your jewellery.

To get the full guide click the link below.  This free download is yours to keep and refer back to when needed.

 A NOTE FROM LEAH:  "With over 10 years of jewellery making experience, I have learned a few tips and tricks on jewellery styling.  I decided to put my top tips in a Style Guide, to give you a jewellery toolbox. I loved putting this guide together for my fellow jewellery enthusiasts!

I hope this guide inspires you to be playful and expressive with your style, while wearing the pieces that are meaningful to you and bring you JOY."

- Leah xo