Filigree Ear Climbers - Silver
  • Filigree Ear Climbers - Silver
  • Filigree Ear Climbers - Silver

Filigree Ear Climbers - Silver


This is the perfect pair of everyday earrings!

These lovely Ear Climbers are handmade with Sterling Silver.  They measure at approximately 0.75" in length and are a continuous design to ensure durability and comfort.

They are easy to wear by threading them into the ear piercing, pointing downwards. Then rotate them onto the ear lobe and gently squeeze them securely in place. 

These lovely filigree ear climbers are handmade to order with care.

What is Sterling Silver?
Sterling Silver (925) is Silver that is made of 92.5% pure Silver.

How do I care for my Ear Climbers and can they be cleaned?
Your Filigree Ear Climbers can be easily cleaned. When not being worn, keep your jewellery in an airtight bag or container.  This will help prevent early tarnishing.  If tarnishing does occur, you may use a polishing cloth on the metal, or a mild soap with warm water and a soft toothbrush. Our complete care instructions can be found here:

Can I bend the metal without it breaking?
To put the Filigree Ear Climbers on, we suggest gently opening them up (slightly) first to allow them to be inserted into the piercing at the right angle. Once they are in and rotated onto the lobe, you can gently squeeze them to secure their placement.  This design is made with a continuous piece of metal, instead of a fused joint that may weaken over time.  They should not break by gently opening them slightly.


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