Filigree Ear Cuff - Silver
  • Filigree Ear Cuff - Silver
  • Filigree Ear Cuff - Silver
  • Filigree Ear Cuff - Silver
  • Filigree Ear Cuff - Silver

Filigree Ear Cuff - Silver

The perfect ear accessory that doesn't require a piercing!

This Filigree Ear Cuff can be worn by gently opening it up, placing it around the ear at a mid-way point, and then gently squeezing it tightly in place.

This lovely little ear addition is handmade to order in Vancouver BC with Sterling Silver.

Pair it with your favourite earrings to create a unique combination!

*Please note: This listing is for a single Ear Cuff in Sterling Silver. It has been shown on the models with the Mini Athena Studs which are sold separately and can be found here.

What is Sterling Silver?
Sterling Silver (925) is Silver that is made of 92.5% pure Silver.

How do I care for my Ear Cuff and can it be cleaned?
Your Ear Cuff can be easily cleaned. When not being worn, keep your jewellery in an airtight bag or container.  This will help prevent early tarnishing.  If tarnishing does occur, you may use a polishing cloth on the metal, or a mild soap with warm water and a soft toothbrush. Our complete care instructions can be found here:

Can I bend the metal without it breaking?
To put the Filigree Ear Cuff on, we suggest gently opening it up (slightly) to allow enough room to be placed over the mid-way point of your ear. (See the model in the photo) Once it is in place, you may gently squeeze it to secure the placement. Gentle adjustments will not compromise the metal.

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