• 3 Tips to Stack Your Bracelets Effortlessly

    “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.”
    - Coco Chanel
    This famous quote is hard to argue with.  As a jewellery enthusiast it's especially hard to hold back from wearing it all at once!  Your jewellery says a lot about your personal style but even the "no such thing as too much" believers can pull it off with sophistication and class.
    Here are three tips to keep in mind when layering up!

    Your jewellery should be the last thing you put on when dressing.  This is important for proper jewellery care, to ensure lotions and perfumes aren't sprayed onto your jewels, but it's also important that your jewellery highlights your outfit, instead of overpowering it.  

    Think of your clothes as a canvas, and your jewellery are the colours that add detail and tell the story.  Choosing complimentary gemstone colours or sticking to metal tones to create a neutral palate, shows that you put care and thought into your presentation.

    This soft combination would compliment any pastel colour theme, or add more dimension to an all-white ensemble. 
    What's at play:


    Just like colour, texture can be used to add contrast or depth.  This trick is especially impactful when you're wearing a monochromatic jewellery set.  Texture helps the eye break up the layers and add interest.
    What's at Play:
    If you have a favourite style, or you want an elegant look; doubling up on a classic design is always in style.  This is my favourite tip when I am in a hurry or I just can't decide what to wear before heading out.  Wearing two simple stacking bangles is a great way to look refined and classic.
    Even just two gold bangles adds movement and whimsy to your wrist.  Choose your favourite metal tone and just double it!

    What's at play:
    BONUS TIP: It's all about a few staples you can mix and match!  The above combinations have a few classic pieces throughout.  A simple bangle, beaded gemstone design, and chain-style bracelet, are a few of the best styles to utilize all three tips!

    Final Thoughts:
    Remember these are only guidelines.  Jewellery should be fun and playful!  It has always been the accessory that reminds me the most of playing dress-up-- and sometimes rules are made to be broken! -Leah xo