• [Tips on surviving isolation] How living on a lighthouse island prepared me for lockdown.

    I wouldn't necessarily call myself an expert, but having lived on an island where food and supplies arrive monthly by helicopter, I have a few tips on surviving isolation:

    TIP #1 Stay Active:

    Our minds can wander, we can scroll ourselves into a dark hole, and come out hours later feeling down, exhausted, or completely unmotivated. Make sure you move daily. Go for a walk, do jumping jacks, work on your one arm pull-ups, anything to raise your heartbeat and mood.
    Island Case Study: I used to watch my Mum run laps on the Helicopter pad (on unscheduled landing days of course). What does this prove? There really is no excuse, find a way and commit. Your body deserves it, and your future self will love you for it.

    TIP #2 Get Educated:

    When you look back on this extra time you've had at home, what will you be proud of? Learn a new skill or read a new book. (Need extra motivation? What would you like to boast to your friends about once you can finally get together for a drink?)

    Island Case Study: Not only were my brothers and I homeschooled on the island, I participated in Girl Guides via correspondence. That meant completing the tasks assigned, filling out the paperwork, and promptly submitting it-- again, by helicopter. No internet, no "Prime Delivery", no team meetings. Me, myself, and I, and Mum, making shelter and fire on the beach.

    TIP #3 Be Creative:

    I believe creativity is something that gives us hope. It can be an active meditational experience, a focused sport, or simply pure joy. Allow your brain to play. Don't limit yourself. EVERYone is creative. Problem solving, mathematics, sewing, dance, accounting, speaking, sales, it all counts.
    Island Case Study: I like to think my jewellery career started on an isolated island. This is where I learned to think outside the box. There were no stores to buy supplies and no internet. When we have very little to work with, it forces us to create more and sometimes at our best. Trust me on this, this brand has come from a girl who made twig necklaces, big floppy hats out of ferns, and high heels out of egg cartons. I believe you too, have something wonderful and weird to create :)